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Ever since bombing big time at the Ventura Marathon in early September, I’m been a major SoCal weenie, choosing to not run practically every day because of the heat and my love of sleep. I mean, it’s been OMG so hawt lately that all I have wanted to do is sit inside and drink copious amounts of ice cold water. On the days when my husband was home, I would set my alarm to run at 5am, just to reset my alarm to 6:40 after it went off. Then, in the evenings after work, I would be too tired and unmotivated to hit the road or the treadmill. I’d throw out the “it’s too hot” excuse and instead sit on my butt reading tabloids or writing Costco shopping lists (<–Those things never work anyways).

heat runningSource.

So, training, or whatever I should call it, isn’t going well over here. Usually, my monthly mileage is between 150-200, depending on how many 50+ mile weeks happen to fall in each month. My September mileage was 94.92. I could have totally run a 10K on September 30th, but I didn’t. Instead, I made a nice piece of avocado toast and helped Mini Me work on her spelling words. And don’t get me started on how much I hate the late-rising sun. (Yes, I have a headlamp. It’s just so dark. And those coyotes and raccoons aren’t very friendly.)

I’m in need of a kick in the pants, but before I rev up my training again, I’m going to accept the fact that my Fall races are going to suck in a major way, accept that I did this to myself, but also recognize that, possibly more mentally than physically, it’s good to take breaks.

coffee kick in the pantsSource.

Up until two days ago, I only had thee more races scheduled for the year: the Lexus LaceUp Ventura half marathon, the Santa Barbara International Marathon, and, my December favorite, Santa to the Sea. I have never done this before, but I actually wrote to the SB Marathon asking if I could transfer my bib to next year (When will races be more like the Ventura Marathon and allow for transfers?!?! Sometimes, life happens, amIright?)

The answer was a firm “No, but if (I) paid the $800 insurance fee, I could.” <–Screw that, man! I’ll walk it if I have to!

Also, the fee may or may not be an exaggeration.

keep calm screw that


Needless to say, I’ve had to reevaluate my goals for each of the above listed races all because I’ve been A.) super unmotivated and B.) spending a surprisingly large amount of time doing homework and studying with my first grade Mini Me. (While the laziness is 100% my own damn fault and I have to live with the consequences, the time I have spent with Mini Me instead of running has been completely wonderful and well-worth the time. It’s up to me to find the balance now.) I’ve honestly been spending time doing the running and non-running things that I WANT to do as opposed to the things I felt like I was SUPPOSED to do (re: stick like glue to training plans).

My life of late has been full of fun things like gathering all of the people and dogs onto one small, outdoor couch (medium and small dogs not pictured…cuddled up by our feet).

IMG_1673 And going to Ladies’ Night at my local RoadRunner:

IMG_1678 IMG_1682 IMG_1683

Veggie bean and rice with delicious salsa tacos for dinner sounds weird, but they’re quite satisfying to the starving mother runner. Also, I love seeing Annie at the RRS events! She’s the sweetest chick in the whole world! I think I scare her with my social awkwardness, but she’s just too nice to run for the hills. :)


Actually, poor Annie is on the DL right now, so she couldn’t run away from me, but she’s on the mend and should be back playing running games soon! <–I hope you’re healing well, girl!!!

By the way, I’m not sure why I thought going out of the house looking like this was acceptable. I was trying to hide my sunburned hairline but managed to look like a hot mess.

I also dragged my family down to the Thousand Oaks 50th Anniversary parade one weekend!


Don’t judge the crazy cat ladies. Thank the Target clearance rack.

I did spend a day cross training at the bowling alley.


Ninkasi FTW. Any bowling alley that serves Ninkasi Total Domination is a winner in my book! I have my own bowling shoes. Now I need my own ball!

Instead of running one evening, I took the girls next door to our amazingly wonderful neighbors who invited the girls over to pick Fuji apples from their tree!


Another evening after school, my bestmomintheworld had us over to celebrate my birthday!


So much stinking love!!! Also, my love for Gelson’s fruit tart runs strong.

BTW, that little orange box was full of See’s pumpkin truffles. They were SOOO tasty. I love chocolate. It’s the one thing I’ll never quit. ;)

So, as you can see, the past couple months haven’t entirely been spent on my rear!

What I can tell you, though, is that the training that I’ve done on the treadmill has been a complete and utter sweatfest. I cannot wait for Fall temps to arrive in SoCal so that I can wear actual clothes!


To switch things up last night, I challenged Mini Me to math/400m races! In school, she has to finish math facts in 2 minutes. Once she was able to do them under 2 minutes, I challenged her to a race, and she won! We raced A LOT, and she won every time!


I’m hurting today because of it!

I have a lot of work to do if I want to make good on my goal of running a sub-3:20 marathon. I’m not ready to list any goals tonight, though.

The husband worked some magic and got this weekend off so that I could run Long Beach this Sunday, but by the time we found out he could put the shift trades through, the price of LBC plus the cost of staying in a hotel just weren’t worth it for an out-of-shape run. I’m super sad that I’ll miss seeing Shane and the always inspiring Pam, but this weekend will still be filled with run ventures that don’t cost me a gazillion dollars.

First, I made the last-minute decision to register for the RAD Runs 10-miler. It’s a 10k/10-miler that’s all part of the Reyes Adobe Days festival in Agoura Hills, and I’m hopeful that it will be a good event. For $30, I couldn’t pass it up. I have run this event the past two years (it was previously organized by the same folks who do the iconic Great Race of Agoura), but this year, new people are in charge. It’ll be small this year, so fewer people will hear me curse as I wheeze my way back to Agoura from Malibou Lake, thank goodness. I’m just praying that I finish. I have to get some good miles in before Santa Barbara, and I always prefer running races to training by myself, so this is a win-win for me. I’m also going to use it as a fitness test to see where I am and asses how far I need to go to meet my half marathon and marathon goals.

Then, on Sunday, Josh Spiker (RD for Ventura and course designer for the Lexus LaceUp Race Series) is leading a training run up in Ventura for the 11/2 race. If you are interested in joining us, meet at the pier in Ventura at 7:30am. All distances are welcome, and all participants will receive a FREE breakfast taco from Beach House Tacos at the end!!! I mean, a FREE group run (complete with 2 water stations!) with a FREE taco at the end?!?!?! Sign me up!

Also, if you want to register for any of the Lexus LaceUp Race Series races, use my code LaceUp9 for 10% off!

Ok. I’m off to do my usual pre-race manicure! I hope your weekend is full of fun and runs (and fun runs!)!

When is your next race?

What do you do when you feel like there’s no recovering from a failure?


Lexus LaceUp Run Series Giveaway


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When I was at the Ventura Marathon Expo a couple weeks ago, I met Becky, a super cool chick who is helping to bring the new Lexus LaceUp Running Series to Southern California.


Since there are only a handful of really quality races in Ventura County (Ventura Marathon, Santa to the Sea, and Mountains 2 Beach), I was SUPER pumped to hear that the fine folks over at LaceUp were bringing a new running event to my home away from home!

This race series has options though! 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon distance races will be held in Ventura on 11/2, Palos Verdes on 11/15, Irvine on 12/6, and Riverside on 12/13.

So…. I count myself SUPER lucky to be able to tell you that not only did I NOT scare off Becky with my awkward enthusiasm, but I was also chosen to be a Lexus LaceUp Ambassador!


I’m stoked to be a part of this team mostly because it is going to be a really social event! What sets the Lexus LaceUp Running Series apart from most other races is both the post-race party and their charity partner that is region-specific!

All runners will be treated to brunch and Sierra Nevada beer at the end! Seriously! It’s included in the registration cost! Who doesn’t love a good Sunday brunch?!?!?! And don’t even get me started on the awesomeness of the post-run beer and cool jams! So, essentially, the race series director has taken the luxe brand partner Lexus and created an equally quality series of Fall races!

Just as important to me as a well-run (bahahahahahaha!) race is the charity partner! For Ventura, it’s FOOD Share!

food share logo

FOOD Share helps to feed hungry children, elderly, and families in the Ventura County area! Both my husband and I live and work in Ventura County, and because we both work with the people and families IN our community, we are passionate about helping those around us who are in need. It’s also a good habit to instill into our little people.

I will for sure be at the Ventura race (Ventura Mary RD Josh designed all the courses!!!). I’m also thinking of running Irvine because I have a really good college friend who moved down there.

Because this is the inaugural year of the LaceUp Running Series, I can’t tell you that last year was so badass that I’m for sure doing it again this year, but I can tell you that the courses in each location kick ass, everyone involved is so invested in making sure that each race is well-executed, and if the launch party my fellow ambassadors and I were invited to last night was any indication of the radness of this series, it’s going to be pretty amazing.

We were invited to (MY FAVORITE!!!) Golden Road Brewery in Los Angeles for a Lexus/LA Magazine/LaceUp Running Series launch party complete with good beer and tasty snacks!

Upon arriving, the husband and I were super pumped. In regular craft beer rotation in our fridge happen to be Golden Road Point the Way IPA, Wolf Among Weeds, and Heal the Bay.


The party was under way by the time we arrived thanks to typical LA traffic and a 30-second pit stop at the Burbank Starbucks. No, my bladder is not talented and extremely large.

We were beyond excited!

IMG_1612We walked through the bar…


Checked out the beers on tap for the party…


And saw the sign that my sister probably wishes she had for when I come over to her house…


Then we walked out to the patio for some fun times!


Lexus even had the new isf on display for us to sit in!


There was beer for all and passed appetizers, but I didn’t take any pictures of them, so they may or may not have actually existed. LA Magazine was another sponsor, though, so I’m sure their photogs with real cameras got some good shots.

Chatting with run friends at a rad brewery was pretty much the best way to spend the night. Taking pictures on the green screen was equally neat, though. Here are Josh, Eddie, and I.



We were able to choose our location, and since we’re all Ventura people, we, naturally, chose the perfection of the Ventura Pier for our backdrop!

We also got a great group shot!


Clockwise from me on the top left, that’s me, Michael John, Eddie, Jess, Ryan, and Becky.

The husband and I even kept it real by taking this pic to let runners know that GI distress can creep up suddenly, and you need to make sure to hide yourself. Otherwise you risk real embarrassment.


SOOOOOO, you should sign up. Mostly because I am sure that it will be a super rad event, but also because I will take awkward selfies with you all and force you to be my friend. (If only I could teleport V here!!!)

The best part about being an ambassador is that I get to raffle off one free entry to any location/distance! To enter, CLICK HERE!!!

The raffle will shut down on Friday, October 3 (MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!), so enter now!

If you don’t win, or if you just want to sign up, you can save 10% by using the code RunLaceUp9! Click here to sign up!

What was the last race you ran?

What was the best race you ran? What made it the best?


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