My littlest runner and my best friend


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July, man. Every year it rolls around, I emerge from my post-school year recovery period feeling downright lazy. Kinda like this girl:


The problem is, when you have two small people, laziness is completely unacceptable.


I’m just thankful that my girls are excellent sleepers!

As far as my training is concerned, I’m not very optimistic about reaching my goal time of running a 3:25 marathon this September in Ventura. My husband’s nonstop work schedule and other job related things have prevented me from running on actual road or trail except for a handful of times (thanks, Mom!), so I’m curious to see how my Hades-hot, too late in the morning treadmill training will pan out.The good news is that I am now a pro at sweating efficiently! I’ll write a post about my treadmill training soon.

Until then, here are two of the most important parts of my summer:

1. Mini Me ran her very first 5K on the Fourth of July! And we rode our bikes to the start! It was simply awesome.

Riding to the start:


Waiting for the start:


The first mile:


The second mile:


The last mile:


The finish:


Post race snacks:


The ride home:


Post-race s’mores from Nana:


Yes, I am that mom, photo-documenting everything. MY KID RAN A 5K!!! In that pain-cave face above, she kept turning to me and asking if we were still ahead of the boy she passed at mile 2.

Extra proud. Just last night, she peer pressured me into letting her run the 5K while I run the San Francisco Marathon this weekend. Kid is simply rad.

2. My BRF (best running friend) is moving to Austin on Monday. I am so happy for her, but I am going to miss her so much. Like, SO much! We’ve had a glorious past two years running together. We became fast friends the day we met back at my old school, and we never looked back. Only Veronique would run training run after training run, take copious selfies, run in costume, suffer through barre classes, go to running store events, take more pictures, run some more, laugh, dole out wisdom, frustrations, encouragement, jokes, and killer Trader Joe’s finds along a 20-mile out-and-back run, share good and not-so-good news, eat good food, drink good drinks, share good recipes, and race good, bad, and ugly races with me. I’m going to miss her being so close. She has the biggest heart, and I’ll fully expect her to continue being the first person to text me good luck wishes before a race, encourage me when I’m in need, and congratulate me on a finish, however successful or terrible it is because that’s the kind of person she is. And she can still do that even though she’s hundreds of miles away.

IMG_5352IMG_1356IMG_1956IMG_2647IMG_3159IMG_3002IMG_3746IMG_3867IMG_4980IMG_5042IMG_5097IMG_5289IMG_5348IMG_6198IMG_7172IMG_0184 IMG_7087IMG_7779 IMG_0053 IMG_0109

To celebrate our time together here in California, we decided to grab dinner and drinks at the spot where we did most of our long runs during the past year: at the Ventura Pier.

Of course, I forced her to take more pictures.


I love her so much! She is such a strong woman, always inspiring me to be better. I will miss having her here in CA, but I know that this means that I’ll have an excuse to visit Texas! And maybe run a marathon there!

So tonight, when you pour your IPA/vino/H20/glass of milk, throw out a congratulatory CHEERS to Veronique!

Do you want to be my California running buddy?

What are the good races in Texas?

Are you more of a quality over quantity when it comes to friends? Or are you a more is merrier person?



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Today’s workout:

10K on the treadmill with 3 miles @ 7:18 (or something like that… whatever the 7 minute pace is with the seconds in the teens… too lazy to go double check)

10 sets of 5-breath down dogs w/ 10 pushups

10 minutes of foam rolling and stretching

Holy smokes, people! I cannot tell you how I have been completely astounded by the speed at which life changes! I’ve been away from blogland for quite some time now. So, in an effort to catch you (and myself) up with where I last left off, I present to you:

HCR’s LIFE CHANGES, Summer Edition

Since my last post, I PRed in the 10K at the Love Run in Westlake Village with a time of 45:25! There was nothing I did particularly well or in preparation for that race except just go out hard and keep running as fast as I possibly could after not having run for two weeks. The last time I ran prior to that race was the Mountains 2 Beach 26.2, and I had been dealing with a janky quad, so I wasn’t expecting greatness. So that’s it for my recap: I just went out hard and almost puked at the end. And then I ran the mile with my kid.


By the end of the day, I had ticked my way through 14 miles, and my training motivation had hit an all time low. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was burned out or still bummed by my lackluster performance at M2B.

Regardless, summer break was just around the corner. Enter: Life Change Numero Uno.

Mini-me asked for a bike that fit her for her 6th birthday (She’s a little bit on the tall side for her AG), so my fabulous mom took her to the best bike store in the Conejo Valley to pick out a sweet ride. I was super worried that the bike would just sit there in our garage collecting dust since she had only ridden her first bike with training wheels a handful of times (giving up only because she would tip over on people’s driveways–silly, useless training wheels!), but once home, Mini Me begged the husband and I to take her to the park, and look what happened:


Just like that, the kid was cruising all on her own. Man, she’s growing up fast. She is seriously the easiest child in the world. I can literally ask her to do something, and she will do it, no questions asked. I’m pretty lucky.

Life Change #2 concerns Blondie. For Mini Me’s birthday, Blondie wanted to give her something called a Princess Palace Pet, so on a day when the husband was home, I took Blondie to Target so she could pick out her present. Like any parent, I asked her to swear up and down that she would keep it a surprise and not talk about it until after her sister had opened up the gift. But, in true Blondie fashion, the dang Princess Palace Pet was the only thing she wanted to talk about in the days leading up to Mini’s birthday! Apparently, all Blondie wanted for her birthday was a Princess Palace Pet.

Fortunately, my first child brushed it off and confided that her little sister “just doesn’t know any better.” Ha!

This gave me ammo. Mini is secretly competitive, is intrinsically motivated, and thrives off of high-fives, hugs, and affirmation. She’s easy. Blondie, on the other hand, is super competitive and loves a good dangling carrot. So, I offered to buy her a Princess Palace Pet if she swam all the way across the pool on her own. Water safety is HUGE in our family, and she wasn’t motivated to do anything but float in $34/25 min. swim lessons, so this was my Hail Mary to get the kid swimming on her own.

The very next day, she she announced out of nowhere that she was ready to swim across the pool. Granted, she had been tooling around in the spa all winter and spring, so I suppose that was enough for her little legs to grow beastly strong. That kid swam the length of the pool on the first try! I would post a picture, but she is anti-tanline, so we’ll have to settle with the winner’s circle pic.



Look at the pride in those eyes!

Life change #3 concerns friendship. Two of my best friends are leaving me. Coincidentally, they are the only two friends who run with me. Moreso, these two women are true girlfriends. They’re never judgy, they’re always supportive, they’ll question my craziness, and they’re always down for a glass of wine. I am not sure how I am going to handle losing both of them. While one friend’s move is still minutely on the fence (I’m hoping that she stays!), the other friend is the one who I mention most on this blog. I can’t even write about it right now because I can’t handle it. My eyes are welling up as I type.


My Run Bestie is moving to Austin. I am going to miss her so stinking badly. I know it’ll be a good excuse to travel to TX and possibly even run a marathon with her out there, but, man. I’m more of a fewer high-quality girlfriends rather than a sorority girl, so this is devastating for me. There is going to have to be a lot of hanging out before she leaves.

Life change #4 involves running. Every July 4th, I run a local 10K. After I regained the motivation to train hard following the Love Run (I’ll write about this soon), I set a goal in my head that I would finally break 45 minutes. I have completed some quality runs, and I run the course almost every weekend, so I was actually excited to suit up and give it my best shot.

However, things have changed around here. While chatting with the husband about my plan, Mini Me interjected into the conversation with this: “Mommy, can I run it with you?”

“You know, there are no medals, babe.”

“That’s okay, Mommy. I just want to run with you.”

“But, babe, can’t I run with you after?” <–Yes, I am that competitive. But I’m changing. I promise.

“No, Mommy. I’d prefer to run the race with you because I want to practice, and the only way I am going to keep beating the boys is if I keep practicing.”

Seriously. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far…

She makes me so proud. Like, unbelievably proud. And not even because of the running part. My girl wants to spend time with me and she wants to practice racing in order to, of all things, beat the boys. You go, girl!

So, instead of running a 10K PR, I am going to run side-by-side with Mini in our very first 5K race. And I am going to love every single second of it. I’ll probably also take a gazillion pictures every mile, too.

And that, my friends, is how my life is changing. I’m terrified and excited and sad and happy all at the same time. I know that God is good, and I can do hard things, but I sometimes wish there was a timeout button for life.


I am definitely reminded that I need to soak in every sweet moment with my family and friends!

It feels good to get my life out on paper the interwebs again! I no longer feel like I am buried up to my neck in life stuff!



What was your favorite moment from the past week?

What is your current favorite Trader Joe’s product? <–I know, random.

Do you have a good way to carry a phone during a race that doesn’t involve an arm band or a fanny pack?


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